Andrea Schmoldt
I have had the privilege of working with Erycca in multiple settings and all have been outstanding! She was an organized team member on projects with the ability to keep the group focused and successful with her attention to detail. As a supervisor, she was fantastic at building rapport with her coworkers and customers. I wouldn't hesitate to have her lead any project or task I needed and can trust it would be completed above and beyond expectations.

Karli Jenshak

As a colleague of Erycca's for 3 years during her time in Administration at WE Energies, I am happy to recommend her administrative skills. While working with Erycca, I was very impressed with her communication skills, professional demeanor, and clerical abilities. Her passionate and dedicated attitude allowed her to handle a multitude of administrative tasks int eh most efficient manner. Her can-do attitude will be a benefit to whatever task is placed in front of her. Some of her strengths include:

  ** Knowledgeable in executive support and various official work.
** Highly skilled in preparing correspondence to include interoffice communications, reports, presentations, and statements.
** Works efficiently and is an expert at handling high-volume workloads.

Dr. James Cantrill
Department Head, Communication and Performance Studies
Director of General Education, Northern Michigan University
I have known Erycca for such a long time and in a variety of capacities. It has been a pure joy to watch her take the skills she mastered as one of my college students and carve-out a solid professional niche for herself. Since the beginning, she has always been exceptionally self-motivated, inquisitive, and highly innovative in her approach to life. She has excellent editing skills and a keen eye toward framing messages for particular audiences. I know Erycca as someone who can get a job done, on time and under budget, to the specifications handed her. I would turn to her on a moment’s notice if I needed a dependable contractor with her expertise.

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