Workflow Standardization - Maximize efficiency with clear standard operating procedures, training manuals, and virtual filing systems.

** Edit and standardize existing SOPs or training manuals
** Create SOPs or training manuals
** Standardize electronic filing system
** Organize virtual employee files
** Release necessary documents to team members as needed based on  individual job descriptions
** Create an employee handbook

Training Support - Build a positive and empowering culture with a dynamic professional development program

** Schedule individual and group training
** Schedule reviews
** Create a performance evaluation form  
** Create onboarding checklist
** Lead new hires through the on-boarding process
** Schedule new hire onboarding activities
** Create professional development policy

Hiring Assistance - Find new team members with less stress and get them working faster and more efficiently with a smooth onboarding process

** Edit and post hiring ads
** Receive applications and resumes
** Initial application sorting
** Phone interviews
** Send rejection and hiring notices
** Begin the onboarding process
** Virtual employee file creation

Resume Writing - Stand out to potential employers with a professional resume

** Update an existing resume with a more professional look and content
** Create a new resume from scratch
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