I'm Erycca Manninen and I'm ready to help you grow a strong and empowered team. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Communications Studies from Northern Michigan University and over 11 years of experience providing administrative assistance to companies of all sizes and industries. For two years I maintained a certification in Relationship Skills Building with a focus on inclusion and culture change.

As the manager of a retail store, I handled day-to-day tasks while simultaneously hiring, training, and managing employees. Through that opportunity, I gained a true appreciation for the value of having well-defined systems and well-trained employees. Subsequent positions succeeded in highlighting how a lack of clarity, consistency, and communication resulted in a less cohesive work environment.
As a result of working with me, people quickly experience the joys of using an integrator who feels like they have been there from the beginning. This is unique to my brand because I do not rely on forcing business owners into a pre-set mold. Instead, I learn and adapt to their industry, brand, and style so their systems are unique and useful.

The reason I’m so passionate about this is that I have seen and experienced the pitfalls that come from a poorly executed vision and I truly believe that having someone who understands your company and industry is an essential foundation to running a company that is more profitable and less stressful.

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